Wednesday, October 26, 2011

"The Good Doctor"

This year my schools Fall play was called "The Good Doctor." It was a collection of scenes that didn't have anything in common. The narrator was actually writing/dreaming up these stories throughout the play. It was set in 1960s Russia, the set was a silhouette of Russian city buildings.
My drama coach wanted to add some "sparkle" to the set, so naturally she gave me the challenge! Some awesome, dedicated kids helped me cut these out in between scenes, they were awesome! A lot of rubber cement and silver glitter later, I was finished!
I'm sure you have had one of those moments when you finished what you started and stood back and thought to yourself, "that is awesome, go me!" I definitely had one of those moments. This project wasn't a huge undertaking, however it just made me feel great to contribute to the set in my own special way!

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