Tuesday, September 27, 2011


I really want this blog to look awesome, so it may look a little weird at times! Bear with me until I get it done, because when I do I think it will look awesome!


I got this necklace at the conference in Minneapolis, isn't it cute! It reminds me of that show "Bewitched!" Very Retro.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Homecoming Hair!

The lady who did my hair did awesome this year! There was sparkles everywhere!

I pulled 56 bobby pins out of my hair!

Homecoming Sashes!

King and Queen! I decided to make the sashes for Homecoming this year because a lot of my best friends were up for Queen, so I thought it would be more special for them!

I had so much fun making them and now I can say that I have made sashes before!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

"Hooray for Cake!" Class

 Fun instructors and our sparkly hands!

Creativity is Key!

More on my awesome trip!

One of the first classes we took was with a creative woman who owns a business, I learned so much! That particular class was all about photo styling for your business and how to put your own spin on things you make and sell.

"The Market" was an experience all on it's own! It was a very large, (huge!) convention center room filled with vendors. These business sold everything from bottle cap jewelry (which I post a picture of) to elaborate quilts, most of everything was handmade, love it! There was so much to look at. It was scheduled to open it's doors at 1:30, but people were lining up to get in at 1, so it was obviously a huge deal.

On Saturday, our classes didn't start until 11, so we slept in! Isn't sleep a beautiful thing? At 11:30 we finally left the hotel, we found our class which was "Healthy but Delicious Goodies With Uber Creative Packaging." We peaked in, but there was absolutely no room and up on the wall was pictures of really healthy food. I don't know what we were really expecting, but we are not the veggie burger, tofu type, not that we have anything against people who do like that stuff, but we love meat! So for that reason and the fact that we were about an hour late, we went to look for another class.

We looked and looked, finally we found a class that was using "Mod Podge" (kind of like runny Elmer's glue), paint, and glitter, which is right up my alley. We asked to join the class and we were creating in no time! It turned out to be the coolest blessing ever, we had so much fun!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Beauty and the Beast

I am a huge sucker for the Disney store! Whenever I see one, I always buy something!
They redesigned the Disney princesses dresses and I couldn't resist this awesome "Belle" journal, (she is my favorite!)

Creative Trip

Minneapolis Trip

Once the wonderful breakfast was done, a keynote speaker from "BlogHer" spoke to us. She said many things, but they thing that stuck the most was that he Grandma and her Mother had great stories of their lives but never shared them with her or anyone. She said that it was bummer that they never did because it could fill in so many things about her life today, but they are both gone now and she won't ever get those stories. That is why she said that blogging was such a great privilege for women today, we can leave something behind for the younger generations. They can learn so much from us, like we can learn so much from others from older generations. I really liked her, she was awesome!

When she was done speaking we headed to our first "class." There was two to choose from; beginner blogger to intermediate bloggers. My mom and I chose the beginner class because she didn't know anything about blogging and I only knew a little because of my "yolasite" I used to have (which I hadn't updated for months!) It was a panel of really experienced/successful bloggers. I learned so much from them!

That class lasted a couple hours and next was lunch! We had lunch while listening to other business bloggers. Becky Higgins, Nora Abousteit, and Stacy Julian; each had an amazing story and they taught me a lot of things about life, business, and never giving up!

After lunch we were scheduled to go to more classes, but my mom and I decided it was the best time to skip out and go to the Mall of America! We got in a taxi and in 30 minutes we were at the doors of the most awesome mall ever! We did a lot of shopping (about 4 hours worth) and just for your info, it is so much more than just shopping, it is an "Experience!"

Thanks for reading, more to come later!

Yummy Breakfast!

All I can say, is that it was the best breakfast I have had in a long time!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Where Women Create

This weekend I went to a convention in Minneapolis that was called "Where Women Create." There were a ton of awesome women there to learn how to or improve their blogs, businesses, or anything to do with their crafting dreams! I was one of them and there was really great teachers to send us forward in the right direction. I will post some pictures that you can look at!

We left for the airport on Wednesday and got there at 5 to check our bags and go through security. For dinner at the airport we ate from a little bagel specialty shop, I got a avocado/bacon sandwich and it was delicious! We boarded the plane and the flight went so fast!

Once we had claimed our bags and such, we were on our way to our hotel! It was so nice to lay down on that nice soft bed! The next morning we were shuttled over to the convention hotel and we enjoyed a delicious breakfast. Yum! On our table was a free pound of Starbucks coffee, yay!

More on this awesome trip tomorrow!

Virtual fist pump,

Back to Blogging!

Dear Readers!

I am back to blogging! I can't wait to share with you my hopes, dreams, and the goods I make. I am also very excited to hear from you as well! Be ready for many more posts to come, in also pictures and videos!