Monday, September 19, 2011

Creative Trip

Minneapolis Trip

Once the wonderful breakfast was done, a keynote speaker from "BlogHer" spoke to us. She said many things, but they thing that stuck the most was that he Grandma and her Mother had great stories of their lives but never shared them with her or anyone. She said that it was bummer that they never did because it could fill in so many things about her life today, but they are both gone now and she won't ever get those stories. That is why she said that blogging was such a great privilege for women today, we can leave something behind for the younger generations. They can learn so much from us, like we can learn so much from others from older generations. I really liked her, she was awesome!

When she was done speaking we headed to our first "class." There was two to choose from; beginner blogger to intermediate bloggers. My mom and I chose the beginner class because she didn't know anything about blogging and I only knew a little because of my "yolasite" I used to have (which I hadn't updated for months!) It was a panel of really experienced/successful bloggers. I learned so much from them!

That class lasted a couple hours and next was lunch! We had lunch while listening to other business bloggers. Becky Higgins, Nora Abousteit, and Stacy Julian; each had an amazing story and they taught me a lot of things about life, business, and never giving up!

After lunch we were scheduled to go to more classes, but my mom and I decided it was the best time to skip out and go to the Mall of America! We got in a taxi and in 30 minutes we were at the doors of the most awesome mall ever! We did a lot of shopping (about 4 hours worth) and just for your info, it is so much more than just shopping, it is an "Experience!"

Thanks for reading, more to come later!

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